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MacKenzie-Childs products are handmade in Aurora, on a small farm in rural, central New York. From plates to planters, teapots to tureens, MacKenzie-Childs designs are alive with individuality.

Since 1983, MacKenzie-Childs has made handcrafted ceramics, each piece a one-of-a-kind collectible. The company also designs and hand-decorates furniture and other home furnishings.  Our designers, inspired by the beauty of the deep lakes and rolling meadows, flowering hillsides and crisp clear air that surround us, imagine and create designs and shapes for ceramics. Their designs are brought to life with deft hands and art by the artisans in our Aurora studio.

The most important element we work with is not clay or wood or paint, or fabric. It is our artisans. Talented and skilled, the immense pride and their signature individuality is happily evident on every piece that bears their stamp and our name.  Turn over a ceramic mug or platter or chair and you will see the stamps or marks of the artisans who contributed to its creation.

Stains and glazes are painted on by hand, not by machine. You may notice variations in the density and depth of the color. This evidence of the artisan’s hand is highly valued by collectors: No two pieces are identical. Set a table with MacKenzie-Childs plates and their variations are sure to please and delight your guests.


Summer Classics

Summer Classics furnishings stand out! They are exciting and unexpected, unique and timeless. Summer Classics combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative usage of diverse materials. In a disposable culture, this makes Summer Classics a purchase for generations! The proverbial icing on the cake is the fabric options. Summer Classics has always put painstaking effort into paying attention to what looks good and feels good, they have fabrics from solids to patterns to compliment your style!


Herend Dinnerware
Herend dinnerware is hand painted art, but not the sort to admire from afar.  It is durable with a hard paste porcelain body.

Herend Figurines

Domestic and wild animals eagerly await the chance to melt your heart and warm your home. Each is brought to life by the skilled hands of artisans, crafting and painting these charming porcelain creatures. Perfect gifts for any home and for any age!